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Worst Case Continued - Page Two

Acknowledging that employees are their most valuable assets, companies around the globe have begun investing in safety and security training for their employees.  This investment begins with training clients to recognize and avoid risk, to analyze their surroundings, and to assess potential hazards.

Despite adequate prevention, the unthinkable may still occur.  It is vital that your employees are prepared, both mentally and physically, so they can be reunited with their loved ones.  Likewise, an organization must be prepared with a plan that supports the employee and their family whilst upholding its corporate values.

Our training enables companies to implement an employee safety and security program previously available only to ‘high risk’ military organizations. It blends theory, appropriate training, and organizational and family support.  This allows companies to respond to events with plans that are appropriate, and reflect on the corporate ethics that mitigate any potential negative impact.

Training in prevention, active preparation, and putting response plans in place instill both practical knowledge and peace of mind.  This allows you to deal with dangerous, stressful situations in ways that significantly increase survivability, and allow for better reintegration into the family and workplace.  The keys to freedom must be supported by all three goals – prevention, preparation, and response.

Our training is a unique demonstration of corporate ‘due diligence’.  Companies using HKST actively demonstrate to staff, shareholders, and the public that they truly value their employees and their families.


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