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Executives and their Families

Since early 2008, our New Zealand clients and their families have successfully used HKST's low-level safe travel package for international travel.

Safe Travel and Incident Management Systems (STIMS)

HKST has worked with its industry partners to develop this package for the business and leisure traveller.

It provides a single repository for the secure transfer of key information necessary to assist governments or other agencies in the location or recovery of an individual.  This unique understanding of such data requirements has created a flexible and user-friendly solution to help people come home safely.

STIMS can also be provided for standalone use with a company's or organisation's specific requirements.

If travelling to high risk countries, please browse our worst case section.

Safe International Travel (SIT)

SIT was developed in conjunction with our international associates, the aim is to provide our clients' employees with low level safe travel awareness.  HKST clients automatically receive a 5% discount. Please email director@hkst.co.nz to obtain your coupon card.

URL to purchase Safe International Travel: http://www.humanrisksolutions.com/content/safe-international-travel


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