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Training Methodology

A responsible company understands that the security and well-being of their employees is of prime importance.  Thus it builds its training on a solid foundation, with the employees' work environment taken into consideration.    

A company's training content must be:

  • relevant,
  • proactive,
  • memorable,
  • and reflect its employees' workload.

Regardless of their budget, many HR/OSH/Security managers struggle to achieve proactive and memorable training strategies.  A time-intensive, expensive training product is not automatically the best choice, and can actually be a waste of money.  Alternatively, a one-size-fits-all plan may meet company goals and seem  cost-effective, but if the same negative issues continue to arise it is obviously not.  For example, while a bank teller and a call centre operator are both trained to respond to customer concerns, a generic customer training package would not fit their different work environments.  A teller can interact physically with their customer, while a call centre operator must rely on verbal and vocal communication.  Ultimately, complaint statistics and employee safety are the true indicators of a scheme's success.

Training should be memorable - statistically 80% of training is lost within six weeks - innovative techniques and good multimedia can increase positive recall. A training programme which is too long will cause employees to skip content in order to finish and meet company expectations, without always understanding its message.  A company which tailors its training to its own environment will reap the benefits in the long term.
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