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HKST Ltd has developed a package for schools which addresses the issues involved in bullying and teaches methods of dealing with them.

HKST interviewed and analysed student responses from a pilot group of Christchurch high schools  to prepare a facilitation package for guidance councillors, senior students and teachers of year 9 & 10 students.

The current training modules include:

Communication Techniques

  • Basic body language
  • Communication zones
  • How students talk

Conflict and Resilience

  • How a conflict starts
  • The impact of modern media
  • Impact of conflict stress for families
  • Social disapproval
  • Helping strategies
  • Coping mechanisms


  • Saving face
  • Supporting others and third party prevention
  • Watching and incitement

These modules are currently being further developed for interactive and e-learning for New Zealand and Canadian high schools.

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