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Who we are

HKST Ltd is committed to helping companies and people deal with the difficulties and issues which arise when human interactions go wrong.  Our experts have advised banks on robbery policy, developed e-learning solutions for high risk personnel, and support for kidnapping incident responses.  In addtion we deliver training, policy guidance and advice around the world.

International Best Practice

Not only will our proven solutions survive contact with reality, they are also international best practice.  Our world-class international partners ensure that we can offer help at any time, and utilise global experience and opinion to ensure our services meet the client's needs.

Plan, Prepare, Prevent, Respond

HKST Ltd provides a number of solutions in the area of risk management.  These include:

  • threat and risk assessments (physical, human and data)
  • generation of plans and policies
  • preparation of facilities, IT architecture and people
  • introduction of prevention strategies
  • training for individuals and management in response procedures.

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